Active Discounts

All my customers are eligible for a one time discount.  My intention was that the buyer would use the discount on their first purchase which is why I named the discount NewCustomer30%.  Unfortunately, most buyers forgot to use it or didn't know It is available and then thought that it could only be used on the 1st purchase.  I'm just letting you know that it is available until it is used.  This discount is for any and all items in my store.  Please use NewCustomer30% at checkout to receive a 30% discount from your order.

Discounts for the Month of October:

My daughter and son are very good artists, they sure did not get their talent from me!  For the month of October, the topical discount is Art.  Please use Art20%Off at checkout to receive 20% off any items in the Art Category.

Any item in the Great Britain category will also be 20%off.  Use GB20%Off at checkout.

Discounts for the Month of November:

Since my name is Bob, I created a discount for all Back of the Book (BOB) items.  Please take 20% by using the code WWBOB20%Off at checkout during the month of November.

Europa stamps and covers will also be 20% off in November if you use the discount code Europa20%Off at checkout.

In order to use the discounts, you need to go through the Check Out Process by clicking the "Go to Checkout" button.  Do not click on the PayPal Button, it will go directly to PayPal.  You can still choose PayPal once you click the "Go to Checkout" button.  At that point you can enter the discount code.







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