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I recently made major changes to my shipping and handling.  A little background first...

In January, I had to unfortunately raise my International shipping rates.  This was due to a change in the Postal Regulations.  If you send merchandise to a foreign country the item can no longer go as a letter.  It is considered a package.  It used to cost $1.15 to send a stamp to foreign destinations.  Now the rate is about $10.00.  I have partnered with a shipping company that brings down the rate a few dollars so my rate is not as bad as it could be. Also, I must now fill out Customs Forms for all international orders.  Another bad side effect of this change is that I must buy computer vended postage.  I can't use nice stamps on the envelopes which I always enjoyed doing. 

So, I used to to have tiered shipping rates.  The rates were based on price for the U.S. and Weight for International.  I have a feeling that these rates may have been causing some hesitancy for some of my buyers to make a purchase.  I finally decided to go to a flat rate for both U.S. and other countries.  My rate is $2.00 for U.S. and $8.00 for International Addresses no matter how much you buy or how much the envelope/package weighs.  Also, If you buy $600 or more, shipping is free. 

I really try not to make a profit on my shipping.  I just want to break even.  Most buyers don't realize that envelopes, tape, paper for the invoices, ink for the printers, PayPal Fees/Credit Card Fees all add up. Notice I didn't mention postage in that list? 

Unfortunately, shipping and handling charges are part of online buying.  Wish I didn't have to deal with them.  That is true whether I'm a buyer or a seller.

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