I am noticing as I am transferring my items from bidStart, that I am not very consistent with my titles.  This is mostly for my Covers and Plate Blocks.  I sometimes put the Subject of the Stamp at the end of the description, sometimes it is right after the catalogue number.

I am trying not to be so anal about it.  It is going to a very difficult and time consuming to get everything exactly the same.   I think the Titles though are much better here than on bidStart.  I am trying to put a description of every items title.  Some of the older stamps, I am not going to put Victoria on all the British Commonwealth and Great Britain Stamps.  (=

I have been concentrating on the United States.  I am trying to put at least 100 items (if I have that many) in each category.  I finished Back of the Book, Coils, First Day Covers and I am now working Plate Blocks then it is on to Revenues.  Wish me luck!!!

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