Shooting Myself in the Foot

Barbados (Slowly I turn...) -  I realized as I was seeding Bermuda from bidStart, that I had mis-categorized all my Barbados Stamps under Bermuda.  Before listing them here I had to fix that on bidStart.  Then, when I did list the stamps of Barbados here, I did the same thing.  I had them listed under Bermuda.  Had to go back and fix all of those. 

Then I realized I had made a much bigger error!!!  I mis-spelled the category Caribbean.  I had it spelled Carribean.  See, my spell checker here caught that...  You probably can't see it.  Anyway, I had to go back and change all my Carribean tags to Caribbean.  That took a while.  Quite frustrating.    Didn't I say previously, that I am not perfect?  

Anyway, it has been a while since I posted.  I have finished seeding Australia & Oceania, Asia, Middle East & Africa.  I broke the Caribbean out as a separate category.  I was originally going to have it under Latin & South America like bidStart does but I figured I would have enough countries to make it its own category.  That is finished.  Central America and Mexico are also complete.  I am very close to finishing seeding all of my Stamps Categories.  Then I will seed the Sports Cards and then come back around to stamps again.  I think after 2 rounds of seeding, I can go live.  We will see.

Oh, by the way Happy New Year!!!  Sorry, I should have started there.  So much on my mind. 

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