Seeding Europe and Starting Oceania

I feel like the Sower stamp from France.  I have just completed seeding my Europe/Eastern Europe Categories.  What do I mean by seeding?  I have put approximately 15 stamps into each sub-category of Eurpe.  Speaking of Eastern Europe, I decided to create this main category because I was getting too many categories under Europe.  Unfortunately, it seems like I cannot rename the Europe Category to Western Europe without a lot pain.  So I am keeping that category as Europe.  I hope you will forgive me.  All stamps from Eastern Europe will show up if you click on the Europe Link as will the stamps from Scandinavia.  

Today is the last day of the Football Season for some of us.  My Dolphins suffered the ultimate humiliation by losing to the Jets today.  Another disappointing season.  I have a friend at work whose nephew plays for the Baltimore Ravens.  They won today and got the help they needed to get into the playoffs.  I don't like the Ravens but will be rooting for them for my friend.

Well, I now need to take a break... Later...

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