Changing Themes and Listing Europe

I decided to change my website theme.   The main reason I did this is because when you would go into the Product page, you could hover over the image and it would magnify.  I wanted to be able to click on the image and have it pop up enlarged in another window.  My new theme does this.  I also like that the new theme has a black/gray background with white lettering.  It makes the stamps stand out better.  The other advantage is that when you are in a collection, the tags are in a drop down.  The old them, just listed all the tags above the images.  The user would have to scroll down before actually seeing the stamp.  

Had a little trouble with the pop up image.  For some reason it wasn't popping up but going to another window.  I chatted with Jason at Shopify and he escalated the issue to the technical crew and they seem to resolved it.  Awesome.  I have had nothing but great customer support with any issues I have had with Shopify.  Hope it continues.

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